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Timing the Rise and Fall

Title: Timing the Rise and Fall
Characters: Ianto Jones, Suzie Costello, Jack Harkness
Written for: tw100 challenge: seconds
Spoilers: 'They Keep Killing Suzie'
Summary: When Suzie was brought back, the timer kept running
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I wish I did. RTD shouldn't be allowed such pretty toys.

Ianto had started the stopwatch the second Suzie's eyes had snapped open. He'd never even considered it would still be running long after the two minute mark. He left it tucked safely in his pocket as he waited anxiously for when he could once more push the button on the top.

When Jack ordered them to destroy the gauntlet and then relayed that Suzie's life had faded away once more, Ianto finally paused the watch. 156,276 seconds was the entire length of Suzie's resurrection. He made his way to the morgue to get ready to put Suzie back where she belonged.

A Quiet Autumn Day

Title: A Quiet Autumn Day
Author: sendian1
Characters: Jack & Ianto
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Written for tw100 challenge : Autumn in Cardiff
Disclaimer: I don't own them, wish I did. RTD shouldn't be allowed to have such pretty toys.

Ianto had spent his day in his backyard, raking up the Autumn leaves. He never heard Jack come out of the house until there was a cheerful whoop and a blue-grey blur as Jack launched himself into the pile of leaves.

For a moment or two Ianto was too stunned to speak, but then Jack poked his head up from the pile, delightfully disheveled with leaves sticking in his normally perfect hair.

All the young Welshman could do was roll his eyes affectionately and smile softly at his refreshingly childish older lover. " Let's fix the pile. It's my turn next."

Moving Forward

Moving Forward
Warnings: none
Summary: Ianto's return to the Hub after his suspension.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, wish I did, cuz things would have gone a LOT differently.

The month of his suspension had passed entirely too slowly for Ianto. He wasn't used to long periods of inactivity, and there were only so many times he could clean his small flat. He'd thought for sure that by now he would either be dead or no longer even remembering who he was.

He'd been understandly shocked when Jack had offered him a choice after they'd talked about what had led them to their current situation. The Captain had told him he could come back to Torchwood, but that it was his decision. He would have to earn back the team's trust, but they in turn would have to make more of an effort to 'see' him as well. There had been failures regarding that on both sides, and now was the time to move forward.

Ianto had agreed to his suspension without protest or complaint, knowing that he needed time to come to terms with everything, without the stress of daily life at Torchwood. Owen had been by his flat once a week to insure that he was eating properly and that he was well physically. The two had developed a tenuous friendship, Owen understanding far better than he'd like to admit, just how far love could make a person go.

When it was finally time for Ianto to return to work, Jack had actually come by with the SUV to pick him up, though Ianto was sure that the Captain had only made the trip for the thermos of coffee he'd handed him when he'd climbed into the vehicle. When they arrived at the Hub, Ianto had immediately grabbed up a bin bag and started making his way around the main work area, cleaning up the mess from the last few weeks.

Eventually he went to the kitchen to get coffee started, knowing the others would be in soon and they would be in need of their morning caffeine fix. He looked up as the klaxon alarms signaled Tosh's arrival and he picked up her freshly brewed coffee, bringing it to her desk just as she reached it.

He held the coffee out to her, every bit the peace offering it appeared to be. Tosh smiled lightly and gently squeezed his arm before she took the cup and sipped at it gratefully. "Thank you Ianto, I'm glad you're back." Ianto gave her a ghost of a smile and a small nod, though there was pleasant hint of surprise in his eyes at her words. He retreated once more to the kitchen, retrieving Gwen and Owen's coffees as they stepped into the Hub as well.

Owen took the coffee that was handed to him, grinning as he took the first sip. "About bloody time you got your arse back to work. We were all getting tired of Starbucks and instant." Even though his words were snark, there was no sting to them and he nodded in approval before he disappeared down into the medical bay.

Ianto shook his head, knowing the medic would never change. He took Gwen's coffee over to her desk and set it down in front of her. The former PC looked up at him and gave him a light smile, though Ianto could tell she wasn't quite sure if she was pleased he was there or not. She murmured a quiet 'thank you' as she picked up her mug, sipping at the heavenly concoction with a happy sigh.

The young Welshman smiled just a little to himself, glad his return so far had been quiet and uneventful, something he couldn't be happier about. He went back to the kitchen and prepared coffees for himself and Jack before carrying the two mugs up to the Captain's office. He tapped lightly on the doorframe to get Jack's attention before he stepped into the room and he handed the older man his coffee.

"Thanks Ianto. I've gotta say, we've all definitely missed your coffee. I haven't heard any yelling or commotion, so I'm guessing the morning has been ok?" Ianto moved to sit in the chair across from Jack at the desk and he took a slow sip of his own coffee before giving a small nod.

"Yes, Sir. I know it will take time, and I'm willing to put forth the effort to regain my place. I know I can't change what happened, and it does no good to torture myself with 'what if's'. All I can do is try to make up for what I've done and hope that someday all of you will be able to trust me again. As you said, Sir, it's time to move forward." Ianto's heart sped up at the brilliant grin that Jack gave him in response, and he knew that eventually things would work out. Yes, it was definitely time to start looking forward.

fic ideas

Ok so I need a setting or something. I really do want to get back into writing, and I love this fandom, but I can never seem to flesh out a good plotline. I need ideas..

the 12th doctor

I think I just died a little inside.. so severely disappointed in the fact that they cast 'Frobisher' as the new Doctor. I will never be able to see him and not think of CoE. It's just not right

Jul. 27th, 2013

Ok so this is my very first attempt at a Torchwood fanfic. It's been years since I've written anything, and that was Gundam, so yeah..
Parings: pre Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Lisa(past)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own them, if I did there would have been a VERY different end to CoE.
Spoilers: Cyberwoman, the Song used is Somebody's Baby by Pat Benatar off her album Gravity's Rainbow

Title: (Undecided)

Ianto was numb, there was no other word for it. He was emotionally drained. The fallout in the Hub and the final death of Lisa had shattered him. He'd been so hopeful and he'd spent months trying to help her, but it just hadn't been enough. None of that seemed to matter anymore. He'd been banished to his apartment with a tracking device strapped to his ankle and a warning not to leave. As if he would.

He used to be somebody's baby
Someone used to hold him close and rock him gently
He used to be the light in someone's eyes
He used to matter, he used to matter

For days he was left alone, though he knew full well he was constantly being monitered. When Jack showed up to take him back to the Hub he couldn't even bother to be surprised. He went along without protest, not once complaining as he was manhandled and dragged into the interrogation room. When he was questioned he answered truthfully, there was no point in deception anymore. He told Jack that he'd only done what he did, because Lisa had been his whole world, the only reason he'd even been with Torchwood to begin with.

Someone cared if he lived or died
Someone held him in their arms when he cried
When he hurt, someone kept the world away
Someone loved him, someone loved him

As the time passed, the questioning became more like conversation, and the cold anger Jack had been directing towards him began to fade. Ianto told the older man how Lisa had been the first person in his life who had treated him like he mattered, like he was more than just some throw back from the estates. He had fallen hopelessly in love with her and it had torn his heart out when he'd found her in the conversion unit at One. He'd sworn to her he would do anything he could to save her.

He used to be somebody's baby
Someone used to hold him close and rock him gently
He used to be the light in someone's eyes
He used to matter, he used to matter, he used to matter

When they got to the point where his deception had been discovered, fresh tears slipped from Ianto's eyes, but he didn't reach up to wipe them away. He talked about how he'd begun to suspect that his Lisa was gone, but he just hadn't wanted to admit it to himself. When they had finally killed her, in the body of that poor delivery girl, Ianto had actually been relieved. It was like a weight was lifted off his chest, to no longer have to carry such a heavy burden.

That was then that was so long ago
Long before they came and took his soul
Long before he became invisible
That was when, he wasn't human garbage then

He told Jack that at first it had been almost easy to keep up his secret, to betray them. They had all treated him like he was nothing more than background furniture. He did admit though, that he hadn't made much of an effort to change their perceptions of him. After awhile though, the lying and hiding became more painful as he began to genuinely care for all of them.

He used to be somebody's baby
Someone used to hold him close and rock him gently
He used to be the light in someone's eyes
He used to matter, he used to matter, he used to matter
He used to be somebody's baby

At the end of their talk, all Ianto could do was apologize, there was nothing left for him to do. He sat patiently, waiting for Jack's decision for how his punishment would be carried out. What he never expected was for his Captain to come over to him and pull him into his arms, holding him tightly, as if to chase away his own demons right along with Ianto's. In that moment, Ianto thought that maybe, just maybe... he was where he finally belonged.

He used to be somebody's baby
Someone used to hold him close and rock him gently
He used to be the light in someone's eyes
He used to matter, he used to matter, he used to matter
He used to be somebody's baby

Torchwood Character Quiz

summer/spring storms

The sky has been threatening to open up for days, and it finally has. It's absolutely lovely. The smell in the air from the rain is one of the most wonderful things in the world, in my opinion. Nothing is more soothing to me than a thunderstorm and a heavy rain. Call me strange, but there's just something about everything just feeling.. cleansed afterwards.

Insomnia and clueless roomates

So I have been dealing with one of the worst bouts of Insomnia that I've gone through in a long time. I get into this like 'waking dream' state, but I never actually fall into a deep sleep, which is what I need. So today, I finally manage to fall asleep, and what does my stupid roommate do, call me up from dairy queen asking what kind of bloody ice cream I want, knowing full well that I'd been trying to sleep when she left. Needless to say I hung up on her and I'm definitely not a happy puppy. A week and a half on about 4 hours of sleep will make anyone cranky.


Ok, so I really have nothing to post about. Other than the fact that Torchwood fanfiction has swallowed my soul. :p What can I say, I like the Jack/Ianto pretties, hehe. I pretty much live online, and am currently looking for a legitimate online job. Retail and the service industries just really don't do it for me anymore.